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cheap mu legend zen Mu legend had regular maintenance and Mu legend applied some fixes to errors reported by you in our forums or by Support ticket.Now Mmocs will share you the Mu Legend Patch Notes updated in 19 dec 2017.

Fixed a bug where the damage of “Venti” in the Gem Mine was applied before the actual skill animation was visible.
– Mu legend asked new calendar settings to follow the regional settings.
– Fixed a bug where the drop-down menu in the mailbox was not activated when there are more than ten people added to the friend list.
– Fixed an issue that showed up if a character leaves the PVP area in a 1 Vs. 1 fight.
– Fixed the error where characters became invisible for a certain amount of time after resurrecting them in the 3 Vs. 3 PVP mode.
– Several texts in game got a change
The servers are already open. Have fun playing MU Legend.

Frequently they are not worth the difficulty for factors which can be sufficient within the extended run. Though they are beneficial for players who may know absolutely nothing regarding the game. For by far the most aspect they are mastering tools for novices to ease them into the game. For more Mu Legend news it is possible to pay a visit to Mmocs.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code free from the reps in the Post you Buy Mu legend zen order from this article.

Webzen greeted to MUtizens on November 24 for the upcoming Black Friday. Here’re black flags black tags added in the game to welcome the shopping carnival. Black Friday events started ahead of its begin. You need to prepare a cup of coffee to keep a cool head all night to win more in this annual event. Check the Cash Shop you will find 20% discount in “Pets and Artefact” category!

Webzen introduced a story for gamers in the new added pet boxes tells an experience of a black ship.buy mu2 zen You can get various of black pets in the Pet Box the rewards are random dispatched.

According to Webzen official website news station the PvP content was highly recommend by gamers early this month. So since the appeals seems cannot be ignored Webzen decided to add a cross-server 3v3 battle for gamers in December. As yearning gamers’ requirements there should be a PvP set in MU Legend. This time’s update won’t be limited within face-to-face player vs. player but also in a higher tier form according to Dublin COO of Webzen.

In order to give back to you on Christmas and New Year's Day,MU Legend Zen get 20% for free.More cheap coins in www.mmocs.com/
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