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In WoW: Battle for Azeroth there are thin and fat people! (1 visualizando) (1) Visitante
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TÓPICO: In WoW: Battle for Azeroth there are thin and fat people!
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In WoW: Battle for Azeroth there are thin and fat people! 2 Semanas, 6 Dias atrás Popularidade: 0  
buy World of Warcraft Gold US In the next addon for World of Warcraft there are thin and thick models for the humans. But will they be playable?

One of the biggest criticisms of World of Warcraft over the years has been that the different avatars are very similar. There are only a handful of customization options while the most peculiar features such as the dimensions of the body can not be modified at all. Those who want to embody a sleazy magician still have to run around with muscle mountains as if his character munched steroids every day instead of manatees.

In Battle for Azeroth two new models for people have been found that could provide much more variety. Wowhead's colleagues have already read the exact look.
Residents of Kul Tiras - Through thick and thin

So there are very thin people who probably correspond to the definition of a hunger hook. If you look closely you already realize that the thin people are strictly the models of the undead who have been given a new skin.

But even more crowded men and women of the people can be found in the Alpha of Battle for Azeroth. These apparently use the skeleton and animations of the pandaren.

However these models should clearly state that so far there is no evidence that they can be used by players. Although they are in the file path that also houses the player peoples there are also many NPC peoples such as the naga.

It is very likely that these character models are only used for NPCs in Kul Tiras and Zandalar and are not available to players. However it would be quite possible that it can make one or the other Allied people ...

What do you think of the additional models of humans? A good step to make the world of Azeroth a bit more colorful vibrant and realistic? Or do you already have the expectation that these models will also be available to players? World of Warcraft Gold US for sale
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