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The device is also slightly heavier than its predecessor (1 visualizando) (1) Visitante
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TÓPICO: The device is also slightly heavier than its predecessor
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The device is also slightly heavier than its predecessor 1 Ano, 2 Mês atrás Popularidade: 0  
And PS4 Release November 15, 2013 Kotaku Apple Unveils iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, the new Mac Pro. Now we know that most of Apple, as expected, has revealed two new models of the brand on the iPad: thinner, full-sized iPad and iPad garbage called the air and an updated version of the iPad Mini with retina display.cheaprsgolds For those who do not keep up on technology news, however, read the full details on another creations.We Apple will start first with the air iPad, which is not only 20 percent thinner and 28 percent lighter iPad HD, but it can boast of a new processor Apple A7 and has a narrow range around its borders. At the same time, the air iPad so it looks remarkably similar to its predecessors in the front. It is only when the machine on its side, or see it in person that the differences will become noticeable.This new iPad retail price of air $ 499 for 16GB, $ 599 for 32GB, $ 699 for 64 GB and $ 799 for the 128 GB model Wi-Fi. Runescape Gold Consumers who want additional benefits to a cellular add another $ 30 to the price of that model - not counting service fee.Overall month, Air New iPad falls in line with earlier rumors of a thinner, a little stronger. It is certainly a great step forward that the iPad 2 was on the first-generation iPad, but it can be sufficiently attractive, in addition to the rabid fan base.In Apple to air the new iPad, RS 3 Gold as Apple unveiled an updated version of the mini version of the iPad, because it said ,, sport, now in version 7.9-inch retina display company brand. Like the iPad Air, iPad Mini also includes a new A7 processor. The device is also slightly heavier than its predecessor, but not too much, and includes a 5-megapixel camera with FaceTime.Alongside announced two new models of the iPad, Apple as the new Mac Pro, which is to be presented to make a big splash this December. In a very reasonable $ 2,999, the Mac Pro can be surface Apple desktop to fill the gap between professionals and novice specialists in many fields.
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